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Rob Rodell: Home


Hello and welcome to SAMA nominee Rob Rodell's website! Power vocals. A class act. Music to put you in touch with yourself. Rob "Reverb" Rodell is a South African Music Award (SAMA) nominated singer-songwriter who fuses contemporary classical styles with dance, house, pop, rock and Afro-pop. It's like Josh Groban being married to Madonna. This is a big man with a big voice.

Rob wears two musical hats: the classical crossover music style, due to his classically trained voice (that's the Josh Groban part - the 'constant' in Rob's music), and then the dynamic, ever-changing follow-the-trend music style (that's the Madonna part - the 'variable' in Rob's music). If you like Josh, the chameleon-esque always-changing style of Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Mika or Rick Astley, you'll probably find something in Rob's music that you like too. Thanks for taking time out of your day to connect with Rob. Have fun...